Litter Plans:

Due to Petal's c-section with her last litter, we will not be planning to breed her again- she is the love of my life and I simply cannot risk her. 

Our next litter will be with her daughter, Navarro's  Concealed Carry (a.k.a. "Kimber") who will be bred to the lovely red tri boy AKC/ASCA Ch. Woodstock's All Starr Mode NA, NAJ, NF (a.k.a. "Mario").

Both dogs have beautiful, correct movement with excellent. moderate breed type. They both also possess stellar temperaments which give them the ability to excel in the performance arena and then to snuggle on the couch with a lovely "off" switch!

This litter is planned for Fall of 2021 and currently our waiting list will be focusing on performance/conformation homes OR experienced Aussie homes. With the enormous demand for puppies caused by the pandemic, we simply cannot take deposits from first time Aussie owners right now....this may change once the pregnancy is confirmed.

Please feel free to contact us for more information!



Please see below for our previous litter to see an example of the type of dogs that we produce!

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Petal head

Petal will be returning to competing in conformation and herding after her maternity break and Rhett has finished both his ASCA and AKC championships and is now focusing on his herding career which will include cattle this coming year! 

Both parents exemplify the versatility of this wonderful breed... they're not just a pretty face!!

Petal and Rhett are clear via the PawPrints genetic profile and are OFA/CERF clear (follow links to each dog's individual page to see clearances).

 Our last cross to Rhett with Petal's dam, Paisley, produced a stunning litter of dogs who epitomize breed type and structure (see Nelson and Gemma here), and we expect nothing less with these two. Both are moderate dogs with correct, fluid movement and excellent drive.....but combined with an "off" switch that translates to some wonderful snuggling on the couch!

The pups from this cross already show the elegant type and lovely movement that we were expecting, and early herding instinct testing indicates that they will have excellent drive and talent.

No pups from this cross are currently available and we will update our litter plans as decisions become final.

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Petal win photo.JPG

Born 8/20/19

Our gun theme litter!

(click here to follow the two pups we kept from this cross)

Staying at Navarro:

Navarro's Concealed Carry                             Navarro's Drop the Hammer

Kim head 7 weeks.jpeg
sly .jpeg

Navarro's Straight Shooter

Litter name: Sig

Call name: Jocko

sig sit 7 weeks.jpeg
sig tugs pants.jpeg
Sig goes home.jpeg

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Erin True DVM

Navarro's Russian Roulette

Litter name: Beretta

Call name: Becky

Beretta 6 weeks 1.jpeg
Beretta head 7 weeks.jpeg
Beretta goes home.jpeg

Navarro's Locked and Loaded

Litter name: Colt

Call Name: Luke

colt sit 7 weeks.jpeg
colts head 7 weeks.jpeg
Colt 7 weeks sit.jpeg
Colt goes home.jpeg

Navarro's Hit the Mark

Call Name: Ruger

Ruger head 7 weeks.jpeg
Ruger 6 weeks.jpeg
ruger 7 weeks.jpeg
Ruger goes home.jpeg