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Our goal at Navarro is to produce dogs with the physical and mental soundness to excel in all arenas of competition, and yet still be comfortable in  the backyard or on the living room couch!  Maintaining the versatility of this wonderful breed is very important to us, and our dogs actively compete in conformation, agility, herding, obedience, and tracking.  We firmly believe in a title at both ends!! (see our history on our Foundation Dogs page)

     As a veterinarian, it is of particular importance to me to produce dogs that are as sound as genetically possible.  All of our dogs have their OFA/CERF clearances, are cleared with a panel from Paw Prints Genetics, and the sire and dam of each litter are chosen carefully for their soundness and ability to contribute to the breed.  In order to ensure that each litter of puppies receives the proper time for socialization and growth, we limit the number of litters we produce per year.  Thus, we generally have a waiting list, but will make every effort to match you with the right puppy, including referring you to other reputable breeders!





We feel that taking home a Navarro Aussie should establish a lifelong relationship; not only between the dog and owner, but also between the breeder and owner!  

All of our dogs go to their homes implanted with the Home Again microchip, as well as their first vaccinations, wormings, heartworm preventative, and flea control.  We are ALWAYS available to puppy owners for advice, puppy raising tips, or just to hear the latest "cute puppy" update!  In addition, if at any time during the life of a Navarro Aussie your circumstances change and you can no longer care for your dog, we will always take the dog back or assist you in finding a new home.

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Erin True DVM

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