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Our Working Trial Champions at Navarro


The amount of training, perserverance, and day-to-day work that goes into obtaining a WTCH is tremendous. It is a testament to both trainer and dog when this title is acheived and I could not be more proud or appreciative of Team Sheep Camp and Vagabond for making this happen. As a breeder, it is so important to me to produce dgs who are able to obtain a title in both the conformation ring as well as the herding arena, and these dogs have done it all!


GCh. WTCH Navarro's Ring Of Fire at Vagabond


Cash is co-owned with Tonya Berger of Vagabond Aussies and expertly trained (and loved!) byTerri Jones Of Sheep Camp Stockdog Training. 



 WTCH Navarro's Leadin' Lady Of Vagabond



Lizzie is co-owned by Tonya Berger and Sandy Moore and has been Sandy's working companion and ranch hand for over a decade. At 13 years young, Lizzie is enjoying her retirement but continues to instruct the young up'n comers and occasionally takes a spin in the pasture as well!

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