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Cash x Rose Litter 3/1/16

Going Home at 8 weeks

Also be sure to check out our Facebook page to watch the litter grow!

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Chase going home with Kathy 8 weeks
Chase with little girl 8 weeks
Chase 8 weeks at home

Chase will be loved and shown by Kathy Thomason

Maverick 8 weeks going home
Griffin and Mav head shots
Mav cute face

Maverick will be loved and shown by Sarah Montgomery

Harper 8 weeks with Teri
Harper trot
Harper 8 weeks on ducks

Harper will be shown and trialed by Terri Jones and co-owned with Vagabond Aussies

Buster going home with Tana 8 weeks
Buster 9 weeks at home
Buster sleeping 9 weeks
Buster lap 9 weeks

Buster will be owned and loved by Neal, Tana and Jack!

Uno going home 8 weeks
Wish in laundry basket
Wish basket
Wish visiting

Wish will be loved by Terri Gallion and will be trained as her new seizure alert service dog.

Denali will be loved by the Greene Family!

Gage will be loved and owned by the Slater family!

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